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Attendees were asked to post comments and observations
after listening to two musical excerpts. They were given these prompts:

"What do you notice?"
"What feelings are coming up?"

These are their silent responses:

Round 1 - Participants were given only lyrics
and no context about two one-minute musical excerpts.

After sharing comments and observations:

Round 2 - Participants were given social and historical context
about two two-minute excerpts from the same pieces of music.

The attendees were given two prompts:
"What questions are coming up for you?"

"How are you reacting differently to this piece now that you know more?"

After sharing comments and observations:

Round 3 - The participants watched a five-minute video of the music
being performed live, along with images relating to the music.

The participants were asked to post their thoughts about what they learned during the course of the summer institute.

Collective knowledge gained & knowledge applied:

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